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  • After official admission, students will be required to attend their classes from the notified dates regularly.
  • Admission to any course will be on the basis of eligibility criteria/ marks as mentioned in the University guidelines regarding admission of the said course. Any admission will be rendered as provisional until it was approved by the affiliating University.
  • If any false attestation or falsified record is found to be submitted by the student during the admission, the admission will be cancelled instantly. Fees are not refundable in such cases.
  • Name of the student remaining absent for fifteen (15) consecutive working days from the start of their individual session, will be automatically struck off from the official student registrar without any intimation and the vacant seat thus created will be offered to the deserving candidate waiting as per the merit list.
  • Fees once paid on initial or subsequent admission will not be refunded. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
  • Any candidate found medically unfit will not be allowed to continue his/her study in this institute.
  • Without 75% attendance prior to any University level Examination, no student will be allowed to fill up the application form to appear in the said examination.
  • Student has to strictly abide by the uniform rule at the institution. Nobody will be allowed to enter the institute premises even if he/she is coming on official purpose, expect ex-students /alumni. Failing which the undisciplined student will be spot fined or suspended.
  • Fees should be paid in the month of September and in March every year, failing which the student has to pay late fine, calculated on the basis of days of delay to pay.
  • Laboratory instructions should be strictly followed by the students. Wearing Apron is must inside the laboratory as well as during their clinical duty.
  • Laboratory equipments/instruments/properties/furniture should be handled with care. Any damage to any of these will be strictly punishable.
  • Students will not be allowed in the class if they are late. Maximum 10 minutes relaxation will be allowed for the 1st class only otherwise he/she will be suspended from the class.
  • Library rules should be strictly followed by the students.
  • Any grievance/issue regarding class/fellow student/ teaching and non-teaching staff should be brought under the notice of the Head of Department first. The student can approach the Principal/Administrative Officer later, with application letter briefing the matter of dispute and seeking proper appointment.
  • If any student want to leave the course before completion and after being officially registered to the University, he/she is liable to pay all the course fees before leaving the college.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off/muted inside the classroom, both theory or practical. If any student is found to use mobile phone/tab or any such device inside the classroom, he/she will be suspended from the class and the mobile phone/device will be seized from him/her and the student has to appear before the disciplinary committee of the college.
  • During External and Internal Examination, mobile phones or similar devices are strictly prohibited.
  • Students must follow the office Notice Board/Department Notice Board regularly.
  • For any indiscipline and unlawful activities/conduct of the student during his/her study period at the college or hostel, the student is subjected to appear before the disciplinary committee of the college and the disciplinary committee will decide his/her fate which may be extended to even permanent suspension of the student from the college
  • No political affiliation or formation of students’ union etc will be entertained by the college authority. Any such activity will be treated as punishable offence.


  • Library remains open from 10.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday & 1st – 3rd Saturday.
  • Eatables and drinks are not allowed in the library area.
  • All readers are required to maintain silence and maintain discipline in the library.
  • Switch off mobile phones or keep it on silent mode before entering the library.
  • Please take care of the library books and other library articles to prevent any unwanted damage or loss.
  • Library staff is not responsible for reader’s personal belongings.
  • Books will be issued for 7 days only and then it can be reissued for another 7 days.
  • The same book cannot be issued more than twice.
  • Readers are required to handle books and reading materials very carefully. Marking library books with pencil or ink, tearing the pages or spoiling the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously.
  • If only one copy of a book is remaining in the library, that particular book cannot be issued any further.
  • In case of a reader loses a book he/she should replace the book. In case the book cannot be replaced; the current price of the book has to be paid by the borrower.
  • The clearance certificate will be issued to student only after he/she has returned all the library books and cleared all library dues.
  • Readers keeping library books with them beyond due date, an amount of Rs. 3/- will be charged as a fine for each day till he or she returns the books to the library.
  • Using of laptop and tablets are allowed in the library but the librarian has the full authority to verify the content. Watching video is strictly prohibited.
  • Don’t arrange any meeting in the library without prior permission of the management.


  • The parents will have to write to the principal, at the time of hostel admission, the names of the relatives who would visit hostel student. The relationship of such person should be specially mentioned. The hostel warden /care taker / In-Charge will have the sole right to allow any visitor/ students in campus.
  • No student of the hostel should be absent from the hostel without the written permission of the principal/ HODs of their respective department / warden/in-charge. Otherwise, the student will be subjected to disciplinary action as decided by the college authority.
  • Student wishing to remain absent from the hostel after 8pm and short holiday except on duty or declared college holiday, has to obtain permission from the Principal/HOD/ Warden /In-charge and state where they will be going and when they will be returning.
  • Male visitor will not be allowed in any room of the Girls’ Hostel and vice versa except parents (after getting permission from Principal/Warden/AO/In-Charge.
  • All lights and fan must be switched off on leaving the room otherwise spot fine as recommended by the hostel warden /In-charge, will be charged each time.
  • No Gas, Stoves, heater or electrical appliances (except mobile, tablet, Laptop, Headphone) will not be allowed in the hostel. Otherwise warden/In-charge will seize that appliance and also take fine as per incidence.
  • No Hostel worker shall be ill-treated by students. If they have any complaint against them, it should be made to the Principal/HOD/AO of respective departments/ warden/In-charge when necessary.
  • Absence during illness and staying in hostel, students are requested to take approval letter from hostel warden /In-Charge and has to submit the same to the respective departmental HOD prior to joining the class.
  • Every student will have to submit written undertaking that he/she shall not keep any unauthorized person in his/her room and that it he/she is found keeping any such person without prior permission from the principal/warden/ InCharge , he/she will be subjected to disciplinary action as decided by the college authority.
  • Misuse of water and electricity is punishable.
  • Any matter not covered by this rules shall be decided by the Principal/AO/Hostel Warden/Hostel incharge of this institute.