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Rules and regulations to be followed by the students:

1. The library is kept open on all the working day for all the students and staff of the college from 10.00am to 5.00 pm. The library will remain closed on all holidays.

2. Students and staff should make entry in the gate register before entering the library.

3. Each first year UG student can borrow two books, second and third year UG students can borrow three books and PG students can borrow 4 books for an academic year using their ID card.

4. Students will be entitled to keep the borrowed books for two weeks from the date of issue. At the end of the period, they shall return the books to the library

5. A student failing to return a book on the due date will be fined as follows.
For first week -Rs. 1 per each day of delay
For second week -Rs. 2 per each day of delay
After second week -The cost of book will be collected

6. ID card is not transferable.

7. The librarian can recall any book at any time even if the period of loan has not expired.

8. A student who has to pay fine or any other charge to the library will not be allowed to borrow books.

9. Absence from college will not ordinarily be accepted as an excuse for delay in the return of books.

10. Reference books will not be lent out.

11. Students are expected to use all the books with care. If a book is lost or damaged, the borrower has to replace the book or pay double the cost of the book.

12. All marking, underlining or annotating of books whether already soiled or not is forbidden. Every book will be examined and if it is found damaged, the matter will be reported to the Principal for disciplinary action.

13. The last borrower using a book shall be held responsible for all effects which he/she did not point out at the time of his/her taking it.

14. No renewals of the books will be allowed after two weeks.

15. The library will be closed during vacation.

16. Strict silence and decorum should be observed in the library. It is the duty of the librarian to bring to the notice of the principal if any student is damaging the books, talking or making noise or coming to the library improperly dressed or misbehaving.

17. All complaints and suggestions should in the first instance be made to the librarian who will, if necessary, refer them to the HoD concerned or Principal.

18. Students must return all the library books and the cards at the end of the course or at the time of leaving the college whichever is earlier. All dues should be paid.

19. Students are allowed to bring notebooks or laptop inside the library for taking notes if required.

20. The librarian’s decisions are final in the matter of issue, and collection of the books from the students.