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Rules and regulations to be followed by the students:

1. Student should wear proper laboratory attire/apron, gloves, room sleepers etc. while entering laboratory room.

2. Silence should be maintained inside the laboratory.

3. Playing games and chatting are prohibited inside the laboratory.

4. Students should work only on their assigned instrument(s) under the guidance of the Laboratory instructor/attendant and they will be responsible for the assigned instrument(s).

5. Chew-able items are prohibited inside the lab. Students should maintain the laboratories neat and clean.

6. If any instrument get damaged within the laboratory, the expense will be collected from the batch of students responsible for the damage.

7. Student has to take permission while entering & leaving the lab. No gathering is permitted inside the laboratory as it can alter the desired result, nullifying chances of false positive results.

8. Student has to obtain prior permission to use any electronic gadget like laptop, camera, mobile phone etc. inside the lab.

9. Students should bring observation notebooks without fail.

10. Scribbling on the walls or tables or any other instrument, furniture is strictly prohibited

11. Instruments, racks, stools should be arranged properly before leaving the lab.

12. In case of operating any instrument, the student has to register his credentials beforehand in the Register Book under supervision of Laboratory attendant.

13. Instrument should be shut down properly by the assigned student(s) after completion of experiment work.

14. students should always bring his/her original identity card.

15. Students should use specific dustbins for proper disposal of hazardous materials.