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Rules and regulations to be followed by the students:

1. No student will be allowed to absent herself/himself from the college without prior permission from HoD concerned or Principal.

2. Anyone who is not present in the class when attendance is taken will be marked absent.

3. Students have to obtain parent’s signature preferably from father in the leave letter.

4. The absence of one hour or more in a session will be marked as absent for half a day.

5. They will be allowed to attend the class only after the leave is sanctioned by the tutor concerned and the principal.

6. The students should not absent themselves particularly when the college works on Saturdays.

7. In case of absence due to unforeseen cause, application for leave must be submitted as soon as possible, and never later than the first day of return to the college.

8. If a student takes leave because of sickness he/she has to submit a medical certificate signed by a registered doctor. He/she should submit it on the first day as soon he/she comes to the college after leave.

9. Medical certificate submitted late, will not be considered.

10. If a student takes leave for more than three days he/she will not be allowed into classroom, unless he/she meets concerned HoD or the principal along with his/her parents.

11. No leave will be granted for monthly tests and internal examinations, unless for reasons of great necessity, which must be proved to the satisfaction of the concerned Hod or the Principal.

12. The students should earn at least 75% of attendance to appear for university exams.

13. Mass bunking of class(es) by students or abstaining from class(es) for whatever reason will be strictly noted and disciplinary action will be taken against all the offenders with immediate effect.