Why pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

Why pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

Since the undergraduate degree is a component that deals with the structure of the human body, BPT stands for Bachelor of Physiotherapy. The applicant must do a six-month internship as part of the four-year curriculum after receiving a BPT degree. because it is physically abused by things like heat, electricity, mechanical pressure, and heat. Physiotherapy is largely used to maintain and restore mobility and functional ability throughout life. Because of our thorough understanding of muscles, nerves, and human anatomy, we are able to treat sickness without the use of drugs. The course includes subjects including post-fracture damage, physical mobility, and chronic pain.

 Career Option after completing a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy? 

Candidates who enroll in physiotherapy undergraduate programmed have several chances for professional advancement. Every health clinic and hospital needs physiotherapists since they serve a crucial function in the medical field. In the event of any disease, accident, or handicap, they assist in restoring the body’s function and mobility. After earning a degree in physiotherapy, a candidate will have several work choices, including the ability to open their own private physiotherapy clinic or join any fitness centre. It has been noted that many multinational corporations employ physiotherapists to make sure their personnel are fit.

 UG courses in physiotherapy

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)  

Diploma in Physiotherapy

B.R.S. (Bachelor of Rehabilitation Science)  

B.O.T. (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy) 

Scope after Bachelor of physiotherapy

  After completing their bachelor’s degree, BPT students have the option of continuing their education or specializing in physiotherapy. Graduates of the BPT programmed may also apply to postgraduate programmed in public health management, business management, hospital administration, and other fields. A physiotherapist working in a hospital may expect to earn at least Rs. 5–6 lakhs annually as part of their standard compensation package. In addition to experience, pay rises in accordance with production and the sort of company the physiotherapist works for.